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Young Adult Science Fiction Novels

For the last week, I’ve been in deep discussions with my brother, The Amazing Physicist. You see – I’m working on a science fiction trilogy of novels and the science has to be right.

Did you watch the recent movie, The Martian, or perhaps read the book by Andy Weir? One thing that critics admired was the science of the story. Science fiction is supposed to be built around an extrapolation of what science might be able to do in certain circumstances.

In the world of science fiction stories, there are hard science, soft science and pseudo-science types of stories. Star Wars and Star Trek are more soft science, while The Martian is more hard science. I wanted my stories to be at least soft science instead of pseudo-science.

Enter The Amazing Physicist. I posed a question about black holes and he countered.
“Yes,” I said, “except in this story. . .”
“You keep making things more and more complicated,” grumbled The Amazing Physicist.
“Welcome to the world of fiction,” I said.

In the end, we (mostly he) have theorized a Tungsten Anti-Gravity Gradient-Index Meta-Surface (TAG-GIMS), which will perform exactly as needed in this story. That joins a host of other science-related questions that were part of the world-building for this story.

THE BLUE PLANETS trilogy (working title, Fall, 2016) opens with this teaser:

Earth finally receives a message from space:
“You only live on land. Allow us to live in the seas.”

So, here’s the set-up: the planet Rison will implode sometime in the next year or two and the Risonians are looking for a place to evacuate their people. Earth is a suitable planet. The Risonians breathe in water or in air; in their desperation, they request that Earth share their ocean.

Will we let an entire race of aliens die? Or will we share our planet with them?

Look for Book 1: The Blue Marble (working title) in Fall, 2016. I’ll be posting excerpts and other fun things in the spring, so stay tuned.

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