Books in the Home: The Most Important Indicator of Education Success

What an amazing sight!

Darcy Pattison recently did a school visit where 200 students purchased a book!
For some kids, it was a significant day because they had few books at home.
This one thing, buying a book of his/her own, was a BIG thing.

Owning a book!

What an amazing thing for a young reader, right?
Emotionally, we love it when we see kids hugging a book because it’s theirs.
But is there any educational value in owning books?

In a 20-year study of 27 countries, researchers at the University of Nevada said the most important predictor of education achievement comes down to one thing: owning books.

Are there books in the home?

This one factor—books in the home—was more important than the literacy level of the parents.
That’s from a 20 year study over 27 countries!

Mariah Evans, University of Nevada, Reno associate professor of sociology and resource economics, said that as few as 20 books in a home made a significant impact, and the more books the stronger the effect. If you increase the number of books to 500 – Wow! – the effect is huge! In the United States, that one thing can increase a child’s education level by 2.4 years.

2x as important as Father’s education level

Books in the home was twice as important as a father’s education level. Even an illiterate father can help a child by providing books in the home.

How to get books into a student’s home?

Since books in the home is such an important goal, how can we do that?

Well, you already do it in many ways: book fairs, book clubs, library check-out and more.

Mims House makes it easy, too. We offer volume discounts on any of our books for quantities as low as 10 books or as high as a couple thousand. We make the price simple enough that you can put a book in the hands of every student.

Wisdom, the Midway Albatross | MimsHouse.comThe story of the oldest known wild bird in the world—Wisdom, the Midway Albatross—would make a great book for the popular ONE BOOK type program, which asks everyone in the school to read the same book. She’s over 65 years old and on February 4, 2017, she hatched a new chick! The story details how she survived the Japanese tsunami.

Or, if you need an early chapter book, consider the hilarious Kell, the Alien.

Publisher’s Weekly says: “Amusing. . . engaging, accessible story.”
“VERDICT: This fun chapter book series is out of this world.” 2/1/15 SLJ review:

For the middle school crowd, enthusiasm is growing for The Blue Planets World series, beginning with Sleepers.
The Blue Planet Series by Darcy Pattison |

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More information: See the Center for the Book (from the Library of Congress) for resources on encouraging book and reading promotions.