The Falconer: A Heartland Tale



One girl, one falcon.
Are they enough to defeat the fierce Zendi?

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A middle grade fantasy novel: The Falconer

The Power of an Individual

The fierce Zendi southerners have conquered the Heartland and will soon take over complete control of the lands.

But the Zendi are superstitious and believe the Pendar Oracle.

“As long as Ravens rule the grounds,
the palace and kingdom are safe.
When the last Raven is death-bound,
Beware the Bell that brings Wayfinders home.”

The Zendi have waited five years, only allowed to kill one Raven each year.
Then, one raven dies unexpectedly.
One lone raven stands between the Heartland and Zendi rule.

Nothing can save the Heartland.

Except a norther girl and her falcon.

This is the story of a falconer and a courageous girl who strides out of the north country and into legend.

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