The Falconer: A Heartland Tale


“…a charismatic…a fabulous villain…visionary palette over which the author executes fine control.” Kirkus Reviews

One girl, one falcon – The Power of an Individual.
Are they enough to defeat the fierce Zendi?

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A Charismatic YA Fantasy Novel: For 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Readers

The Power of an Individual

The fierce Zendi southerners have conquered the Heartland and will soon take over complete control of the lands.

But the Zendi are superstitious and believe the Pendar Oracle.

“As long as Ravens rule the grounds,
the palace and kingdom are safe.
When the last Raven is death-bound,
Beware the Bell that brings Wayfinders home.”

The Zendi have waited five years, only allowed to kill one Raven each year.
Then, one raven dies unexpectedly.
One lone raven stands between the Heartland and Zendi rule.

Nothing can save the Heartland.

Except a norther girl and her falcon.

This is the story of a falconer, a courageous girl who strides out of the north country and into legend.

Kirkus Review of THE FALCONER

This second volume of a YA series focuses on a teenage girl, her gyrfalcon, and a promise made to her grandfather.

At the age of 11, Brittney Eldras stole a gyrfalcon egg from a nest. She raised the bird to be her friend in her lonely home valley of the Heartland. Two years later, Britt has lost her parents in an avalanche. She and her gyrfalcon, Tatty Mog, are partners in life, hunting, and growing up together.

One day, her grandfather Winchal Eldras, who is a Wayfinder and able to locate anything, claims that he no longer hears the Finder’s Bell. It should be in the city of G’il Rim, to the south. Granfa, as Britt calls him, passes the Finding on to her, beginning her apprenticeship. She must now venture to G’il Rim and search for the Bell.
Increasing her challenges are the Zendi, conquerors who hold the Heartland in an economic death grip. They’re a society that worships albinism and has outlawed any but themselves from owning a gyrfalcon. Britt must also beware the Zendi’s intense superstitions and a prophecy revolving around the deaths of seven court ravens. Should the ravens die, war would recommence in the Heartland.

In this sequel, Pattison (Pollen, 2019, etc.) delivers a charismatic YA fantasy that features striking worldbuilding centered on the bond between people and animals. She includes veterinary facts, including details about bumble foot, which occurs when a bird cuts itself with an overlong talon and becomes infected. There are also the Tazi hounds, “a breed of royal and telepathic dogs,” like Lady Jetje. The Zendi prince, Oran Ziggmaccus, is a fabulous villain whose code keeps him from cheating at cards yet he has no problem whipping whoever offends him. These elements (and many more) come together in a visionary palette over which the author executes fine control. In one subtly ominous scene, “albinos enter the middle door” of a shrine while “everyone else goes to a side door.” As the drama crescendos, a key component from the previous volume comes into play. A gorgeous finale illustrates the depths of humanity’s companionship with animals.

An impressive fantasy sequel featuring a brave apprentice.

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