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“VERDICT: This fun chapter book series is out of this world.” 2/1/15 SLJ review:

If you’re an alien on Earth, you have one giant secret to keep. The third book in the popular short chapter series continues the story of the Smith family, aliens from the planet Bix, who are stranded on Earth.


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ALIENS BOOKS FOR KIDS! Chapter Book Series for Boys and Girls: Book 3

Fun and Humor: Giants Stomp Through this Story!

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If you’re an alien on Earth, you have one giant secret to keep. After a while, even friends want to tell your secret. Kell and Bree plan a birthday party with giants—Big Foot, Cyclops, Goliath and the Jolly Green Giant—while they struggle with keeping their own giant secret. But they have an even bigger problem: Principal Lynx and the Society of Alien Chasers is back with a dog trained to sniff out an alien in a crowd. When Mom is stung by a bee, Kell must find a doctor who can keep a giant secret, too. Will Aliens, Inc. be able to pull off the Giant Party and keep everyone happy?

Principal Lynx and the Society of Alien Chasers is back with a dog who can sniff and point out aliens. How can Kell, Bree and the gang avoid the dog and still pull off a GIANT birthday party?

Kell is afraid of Earth bugs: flies, wasps and now, bees. How can he survive on Earth with such creatures chasing him all the time?

Geography Day and Maps: Books to Read Together

Kell and friends learn about geography of the U.S. But Kell wants to tell his friends about the “geography” of the stars.


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Humor for Kids – “A Funny Book”

The alien family, the Smiths, understand little of Earth’s culture, which results in funny situations. Crazy songs and dangerous dogs make this an exciting read.

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“Amusing, accessible, engaging”Publisher’s Weekly review of Aliens, Inc. Chapter Book series, Book 1: Kell the Alien

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Art Teachers: Every volume stars with a scene in the art classroom, creating something fun.

Family story: When the Smith family is shipwrecked on Earth, they must learn to depend on each other.


Publisher’s Weekly review 6/16/2014 of the first book in the series, Kell, the Alien.

Kell’s observations of Earth and details about life on planet Bix are amusing, and Davis’s wiry b&w line art further enlivens an engaging, accessible story. Kell’s struggles to fit in will resonate just fine with Earth’s readers.


RICH DAVIS, illustrator for the Aliens, Inc series has wondered, “What could be better than getting to do black and white cartoon work for a sci-fi easy reader?” Working on this book has been one big fun-making experience. Rich has also illustrated 12 other children’s books, including beginning reader series, Tiny the Big Dog (Penguin). His joy is to help kids develop creatively and he has invented a simple drawing game (Pick and and an activities book as a fun tool that now have a following around the world. He frequently does programs at schools and libraries in order to draw with thousands of kids yearly. For him, it is a dream come true and he recognizes that the source is from God alone.

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