Kell and the Horse Apple Parade | Aliens Inc. Series, Book 2


Publisher’s Weekly says: “Amusing. . . engaging and accessible.”

“VERDICT: This fun chapter book series is out of this world.” 2/1/15 SLJ review:</em

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ALIENS FOR KIDS! Chapter Books to Read with Boys or Girls: Book 2

Fun and Humor: Super Heroes, Super Heroines, and a Parade!

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For Kell, the Friends of Police Parade is a big deal, his first Earthling parade. With Bree’s help, he must figure out how to deal with City Hall, figure out fund-raising and find super heroes and super heroines to march in the parade.

To make things worse, Principal Lynx believes someone in third grade in an alien, and she has a new Alien Catcher App on her smart phone. Survival on planet Earth just got harder for the Smiths, those friendly aliens from Bix.

Will the Society of Alien Chasers catch Kell and his family? Or will they outsmart Mrs. Lynx again.

Nutrition Day Means Learning to eat Healthy

Kell and friends learn about good nutrition, while sampling foods from different cultures. Only Kell thinks all the food is alien.

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Humor for Kids – “A Funny Book”

The alien family, the Smiths, understand little of Earth’s culture, which results in funny situations. Hopscotch, horse apples and fund raising are all strange things for the Smith family.

Are Super Heroes and Super Heroines Really Aliens?

Well, Superman came from the planet Krypton. Find out what other super heroes and super heroines show up at the Friends of the Police Parade.

When a friend gets sick, Kell must visit the hospital

But he has to make sure that no one tries to listen to his heart—because he doesn’t have one.

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“Amusing, accessible, engaging”Publisher’s Weekly review of Aliens, Inc. Chapter Book series, Book 1: Kell the Alien


Art Teachers: Every volume stars with a scene in the art classroom, creating something fun.

Family story: When the Smith family is shipwrecked on Earth, they must learn to depend on each other.


Publisher’s Weekly review 6/16/2014 of the first book in the series, Kell, the Alien.

Kell’s observations of Earth and details about life on planet Bix are amusing, and Davis’s wiry b&w line art further enlivens an engaging, accessible story. Kell’s struggles to fit in will resonate just fine with Earth’s readers.


RICH DAVIS, illustrator for the Aliens, Inc series has wondered, “What could be better than getting to do black and white cartoon work for a sci-fi easy reader?” Working on this book has been one big fun-making experience. Rich has also illustrated 12 other children’s books, including beginning reader series, Tiny the Big Dog (Penguin). His joy is to help kids develop creatively and he has invented a simple drawing game (Pick and and an activities book as a fun tool that now have a following around the world. He frequently does programs at schools and libraries in order to draw with thousands of kids yearly. For him, it is a dream come true and he recognizes that the source is from God alone.

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