Kell, the Alien | The Aliens Inc. Series, Book 1


Publisher’s Weekly says: “Amusing. . . engaging, accessible story.”

“VERDICT: This fun chapter book series is out of this world.” 2/1/15 SLJ review:

Hook Reluctant Readers and Keep Them Reading!

90+ B/W illustrations; Hide and Seek Game in each book.

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2nd-3rd Grade Short Chapter Book – Funny

Shipwrecked on earth and desperate to make money, an alien family decides to make a living by opening Aliens, Inc., an intergalactic event-planning business master-minded by 9 year old alien boy, Kell Smith. Fall in love with this alien from the planet Bix, who bakes eggless cakes, screams at the sight of a wasp, and sheds his skin once a month. Lots of school fun!

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Aliens for Kids! Chapter Book Series for Boys and Girls: Book 1

Fun and Humor: Can an alien family find a way to make a living on Earth?

1stCHkell and shadowMAILER

Shipwrecked on earth and desperate to make money, an alien family decides to make a living by opening Aliens, Inc., an intergalactic event-planning business master-minded by 9-year old alien boy, Kell Smith.

Kell discovers that his neighbor, Bree Hendricks, turns 9-years-old next month and she wants a party with an alien theme. That should be simple as flying from star to star. But things aren’t that easy: Earthling’s ideas about aliens are totally wrong. Even worse, Principal Lynx is a UFO-Chaser and suspects aliens around every corner.

Will the Aliens totally blow the Aliens Party? Will Principal Lynx capture Kell and his family and them over to the government?

Will an alien boy find school friends?

Kell must find a way to fit into the school life and make friends. In art class, music class and home room, he must learn the ways of Earthlings. His next door neighbor, Bree, makes it easier and helps the family find a way to make a living.

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Humor for Kids – A Funny Book

The alien family, the Smiths, understand little of Earth’s culture, which results in funny situations. For one thing, Bixsters are hatched, not born. When Kell finds out that humans cook with eggs, he is horrified. And there are those bugs that bite or sting. Kell can’t get away from them.

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“Amusing, accessible, engaging”Publisher’s Weekly

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Great teacher's guide with activities on characters, vocabulary, STEM, STEAM, compare & contrast, and much more! | MimsHouse


Art Teachers: Every volume stars with a scene in the art classroom, creating something fun.

Family story: When the Smith family is shipwrecked on Earth, they must learn to depend on each other.


RICH DAVIS, illustrator for the Aliens, Inc series has wondered, “What could be better than getting to do black and white cartoon work for a sci-fi easy reader?” Working on this book has been one big fun-making experience. Rich has also illustrated 12 other children’s books, including beginning reader series, Tiny the Big Dog (Penguin). His joy is to help kids develop creatively and he has invented a simple drawing game (Pick and and an activities book as a fun tool that now have a following around the world. He frequently does programs at schools and libraries in order to draw with thousands of kids yearly. For him, it is a dream come true and he recognizes that the source is from God alone.

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