My Crazy Dog: My Narrative Essay


Small Moments + Sensory Details = Amazing Narrative Essays!

Small Moments + Sensory Details = Amazing Narrative Essays |
Book 3 of The Read and Write Series
A romp with his best friend, a Bernese Mountain Dog, inspires Dennis to write a narrative essay. Simple mentor text to help you teach narrative writing.

Narrative Essays FREE PRINTABLES – See Below!

Are you teaching narrative essays? Help kids find and write about small moments supported by sensory details. This mentor text will jump start essays in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grades. Graphic organizers included in the free printables (see below) for a simple lesson plan. Fun teaching activities for the classroom or homeschool. #MimsKids #smallmoments #narrativewriting #graphicorganizer


How to Write Narrative Essay: Prompts and Inspiration for Kids

A romp with his best friend, a Bernese Mountain Dog, inspires Dennis to write a narrative essay. Recently, Mom asked Dennis to put a leash on Clark Kent so they could take the dog to the veterinarian for shots. Clark gave them all a merry chase! There’s lots of action to love here—and great verbs for Dennis’s narrative essay.

Teachers say that narrative essays are often the hardest essay they teach. This book makes it simple, fun and effective. To encourage detailed essays, the text and images highlight the sensory details of the story told. Color-coded words add visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory (taste), and smells to the essay. Prewriting for the narrative becomes simple by following this amazing prewriting model. The mentor text essay included will help your students have fun with their own narratives.

Darcy Pattison Explains Classroom Use

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“. . .fill(s) a niche for teachers. . .” – School Library Journal 5/1/15
• s“. . .breezy and engaging introduction to genre writing.”
• “The model essay can be used across multiple genres (informational and narrative nonfiction in addition to opinion).”
• “. . .useful for teachers showing early elementary students the relevancy, power, and importance of effective writing.” –Booklist 6/17/15

The Read and Write Series: Printables for The READ AND WRITE SERIES

The READ AND WRITE SERIES is a popular series of essay-writing books for kids. It included these 4 books:

The free printables turn the book into a simple lesson plan! Download them now!

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