My Dirty Dog: My Informative Essay


This informative essay writing book makes essay writing fun and simple!
When Dennis & Mellie visit the K-9 Karnival for Grandma’s birthday, they come home with ideas for their essays.

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Informative essay mentor texts make this the perfect book for writing class.

Informative Essays Follow a Day at the Fair

When the family gathers for Grandma’s birthday, they spend the day at the local K-9 Karnival. Cousins Dennis and Mellie get their faces painted, learn how to give a dog a bath, and march in a parade. At home, they write informative essays about the day. With the homework done, it’s time for Grandma’s birthday party!

This is Book 4 in The Read and Write Series, that feature these cousins, their pets and great essays. All the books are compliant with Common Core, ELA, and 21st century standards.

Informative essays are the purpose of informing. Dennis’s essay discusses the groups of dog breeds, such as toy dogs and working dogs. In addition, Mellie writes a how-to essay about how to give a dog a bath. These mentor texts are perfect for the elementary language arts classroom.

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NOTE: Printables are available for each book in this series. To get the entire set, see below.

Hurrah for Essays! All writing lessons should be this much fun.

“. . .fill(s) a niche for teachers. . .” – School Library Journal 5/1/15

• “. . .breezy and engaging introduction to genre writing.”
• “The model essay can be used across multiple genres (informational and narrative nonfiction in addition to opinion).”
• “. . .useful for teachers showing early elementary students the relevancy, power, and importance of effective writing.”
Booklist 6/17/15


When cousins Dennis and Mellie decide to get a dog, they consider carefully what breed would be best for each family. For example, Dennis wants a big dog, but Mellie wants tiny. He has no other pets, but she has other pets that a dog must get along with. They consider different dog personalities, family situations, and personal preferences. Dennis writes an opinion essay for his teacher, Mrs. Shirky. But will his essay convince his parents to get the dog of his dreams?

This story takes a popular subject—kids getting a pet—and adds dogs of all sizes and shapes: all writing lessons should be this much fun. In the end, it’s cousins and the dogs that keep a reader turning the page. What kind of dog will Dennis choose? Will Mellie want the same kind of dog? I WANT A DOG almost makes opinion essays look too easy.


In this companion book, Dennis and Mellie discuss the best cat for each family, and then write an opinion essay about their choice, based on 10 criteria.
Use this book when a teacher/student/parent prefers cats to dogs. Useful for Common Core requirements to compare similar books. Learn about the top 20 most popular cat breeds in the U.S.


Dennis’s mom says that it’s time for his Bernese Mountain dog, Clark Kent, to get shots. But Clark has other ideas. He leads the family on a merry chase through the house and yard. Finally Dennis catches and leashes him. Dennis writes an exciting narrative essay about the chase. Mom, however, thinks the chase means Clark needs obedience school.


Children’s book author Darcy Pattison finds inspiration in writing about science and nature; twice her books have been honored as NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books. Her nature picture books include Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub (Mims House), an NSTA 2015 Outstanding Science Trade Book; Wisdom, the Midway Albatross: Surviving the Japanese Tsunami and Other Disasters for Over 60 Years (Mims House), a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly; Desert Baths (Arbordale), an NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book 2013; and, Prairie Storms (Arbordale). Burn: Michael Faraday’s Candle (Mims House, Spring 2016) is a physical science book about how a candle burns, based on Michael Faraday’s famous 1848 juvenile Christmas lecture.

Other picture books include The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman (Harcourt), which received an Irma Simonton Black and James H. Black Award for Excellence in Children’s Literature Honor Book award, starred reviews in BCCB and Kirkus, and has been published in a Houghton Mifflin textbook; Searching for Oliver K. Woodman (Harcourt); 19 Girls and Me (Philomel); and 11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph: A Military Family Story (Mims House). Her series, The ALIEN, INC. CHAPTER BOOK SERIES includes Kell, the Alien; Kell and the Horse Apple Parade; Kell and the Giants; and Kell and the Detectives. She is also the author of middle grade novels and teaches nationally a Novel Revision Retreat. For more, see


Ewa (prounounced eh-va) O’Neill loves both cats and dogs. She lives in Switzerland with her husband and twin sons. For more, see

The Read and Write Series: Printables for The READ AND WRITE SERIES

The READ AND WRITE SERIES is a popular series of essay-writing books for kids. It included these 4 books:

The free printables turn the book into a simple lesson plan! Download them now!

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