Sage & King: A Heartland Short Story


The Power of One Individual

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Leading a nation is always a family feud.
Zendis, the fierce southerners, have taken over G’il Rim and set their sights on the lush Heartland farmlands. Although Ironstone Soseki, daughter of the Zendi king and the Sage-of-Sages, is thirteen, she still hasn’t had a vision. She’s Silent.

Her mother’s prophecy is that Ironstone will be like a lodestone pointing toward the Zendi nation’s destiny. But Silent at thirteen means Ironstone will never be a Sage. She’s sent back to the Zendi capital.

Ironstone won’t stand for that. Instead, she turns her face to the G’il Bab Mountains and searches for the Pendar Oracle.
She finds destiny for herself, the puppet king, and the Heartland.

Other Heartland Tales – Novels – Does an Individual Matter?

Two novels and one short story in the Heartland world.

THE WAYFINDER – A Heartland novel for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade readers

…the adventures will keep readers turning the pages. Booklist
…a charm of their own, for a very promising first novel that holds hints of being only the first in a series.” Carolyn Cushman, 15/2000. Locus Magazine.

This riveting middle-grade fantasy combines the intriguing abilities to Find what’s missing with pulse-pounding suspense.

A great loss has frozen Win’s heart.
He cares for nothing.
But a plague is spreading like wildfire across the Heartland.

Win must use his Wayfinding skills to descend into the great Rift, for beyond it lies the Well of Life. Only its waters will heal the plague.
No one has ever returned from a journey into the Rift.

But the Heartland depends on him. Can he put his loss behind him and fight for the Heartland? Discover what one person can accomplish.

THE FALCONER – Heartland novel for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade readers

KIRKUS REVIEW: …a charismatic YA…a fabulous villain…visionary palette over which the author executes fine control.”

Lexile® measure: 800L

In the tradition of Tamora Pierce, this fantasy presents a heroine of wit, strength, and savvy.
Britt’s only goal is to become a falconer.
She steals a gyrfalcon egg in hopes of raising a chick.
But the fierce Zendi, who’ve conquered the Heartland, appear on her doorstep.
She’s pulled into their conflict.

Their prophecies warn of a Wayfinder and a Bell.
She’s just an apprentice Wayfinder.
But she’s the only one who has a Finding for the missing Bell.
Can Britt and her falcon journey together across the Heartland, Find the Bell and save her people?
This is the story of a falconer, a courageous girl who strides out of the north country and into legend.

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