Sirens: The Blue Planets World Series, Book 2


YA SCIFI: Are mermaids and mermen real? This exciting science fiction story answers the question once and for all. Yes, our seas are inhabited by intelligent creatures. The Risonian aliens are in trouble now!

New Negotiations Needed

Risonians came to Earth proposing that THEY live in the ocean because it was empty of people. What will this mean for Rison? Will their people be allowed to evacuate to Earth anyway? Because Rison’s destruction is imminent. Rison’s ambassador Dayexi Quad-de must start negotiating again, this time with the mysterious Phoke at the table.

Fast paced and full of action, this is a great sequel to Sleepers, Book 1 of The Blue Planets World series.

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Earth finally receives a message from space:
“You only live on land. Allow us to live in the seas.”

Rison will implode soon. They desperately need a new blue planet, a water planet. But Earth is crowded. Will humans be able to open their hearts to an alien race?

SIRENS, Book 2

He’s an alien.
She’s not quite human.
Can they survive an epic battle under the sea?

Jake Rose’s girlfriend, Em Tullis, has mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a one-word clue: “Phoke.”

His search takes him around the world to fabled Aberforth Hills in the North Sea, home of earth’s native aquatic people, the Mer—who are now known as Phoke. They’ve remained hidden for centuries, only emerging now in a desperate search for a cure to a Rionian water-borne illness.

The intergalactic negotiations have just become impossibly complicated. Rison needs a refuge for thousands of their people before their planet implodes in a science-gone-wrong scenario. Originally, they asked Earth, “You only live on land. Allow us to live in the seas.”

But Earth’s seas aren’t empty!
With the Phoke at the negotiation table, Rison’s hope look bleak. Even worse, when Jake finds Em, she’s infected with a Risonian water-borne organism that threatens her life.

For fans of Ender’s Game or I Am Number Four or other YA scifi comes a new character-driven science fiction series, The Blue Planet’s World series. Sirens, the second novel, follows Jake and Em as they fight for survival of their species, both in space and under the sea.



A rogue militia.
A diabolical sabotage.
Is an alien teen is the only hope for either blue planet?

Sleepers is the first book of an exciting science fiction series that forces a dying world to beg for refuge on Earth. A test-tube baby, fifteen-year-old Jake Rose is half human and half alien. After living with his mother on Rison for most of his life, he finally comes to Earth to live with his human father’s grandparents on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound. His mother, Dayexi Quad-de is Rison’s ambassador to Earth. She’s tasked with finding Risonians a new home on Earth in a peaceful manner. Jake accidentally discovers that Earth’s elite ELLIS forces are tying to sabotage Mt. Rainier and make it explode so that they can blame it on the Risonian aliens. Can Jake stop them in time or will they ruin the Risonians chances at a refuge on Earth?


A deadly microbe. A race against time. Who will survive?
Pilgrims is the exciting conclusion of an epic science fiction series that pits Risonians and Earthlings against inevitable implosion of a planet. A small team from Earth travels to Rison to find the cure for a water-borne disease that threatens the Phoke, the mermen and mermaids of Earth. But Rison’s implosion is pending. In a rush against time, they must deal with the politics of desperate men and the tricks of a dying planet. Will they find the cure and escape in time?

ENVOYS, Prequel

Envoys, Prequel is the short story of the first contact with the Risonians on their Cadee Moon Base. The ambitious naval officer Blake Rose joins the team as the comparative biology specialist. He’s the first to shake hands with a Risonian, Dayexi Quad-de, who immediately captures his heart. Still, he has a job to do: protect Earth from aliens.Interested in the origin of the Blue Planets World series? This is the short story for you.

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