Mims House is proud of illustrator Ewa O’Neill, whose series of cat illustrations in I Want a Cat: My Opinion Essay book has earned a Certificate of Excellence from the Cat Writer’s Association. This means her art is in the final competition for the CWA Muse Medallion which will be presented at the BlogPaws Conference late in June.

Like other cat lovers, I'm excited that the artist of this book, Ewa O'Neill, has been nominated for an award for her series of cat images. It's a fascinating look at the 10 most popular breeds in the U.S. | MimsHouse.com

Research for Cat Breeds

Ewa spent a lot of time researching the different breeds of cats popular in the U.S. From hairless to very hairy, small to large, the variety of breeds is amazing. Of course, we had experts from the Cat Fancier’s Association vet the text and illustrations. They had only one minor correction on one species, a testament to the careful research that Ewa did.
As a cat lover, I am fascinated by the different breeds of cats, especially when the art is from award-winning illustrator Ewa O'Neill. This is the last page of I WANT A CAT: My Opinion Essay | MimsHouse.com

We Invite Cat Lovers to Join the Excitement

We’ll be anxiously awaiting news from the CWA on the final awards late in June. As soon as we hear, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, cat lovers, you can find the book here.




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