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Want to Improve your Novel in Only 30 Days?


Writers often tell me that they want to work hard on revision. As writers, we aren’t afraid of the work!
There are just two problems:

  1. We just need to know what to do next. Where should you focus your revisions?
  2. We need more time. Most of my readers work part-time or full-time at other jobs and do the writing on the side. So writing time is at a premium.

This 30-day video course is designed to help you figure out what to revise next, and to do it in just 5 minutes a day, so you spend the bulk of your writing time actually working on your novel.

Online Video Course by Darcy Pattison

Writing teacher and author Darcy Pattison.
Writing teacher and author Darcy Pattison.

Darcy Pattison is now offering online video writing courses. See more about Darcy here, or download her bio here.

  • Writing Teacher, Darcy Pattison will explain writing concepts, tips, strategies. Since 1999, Darcy has taught the Novel Revision Retreat nationwide, and many alumni have seen their first publication as a result.
  • The series will be sent to you daily for 30 days. But can start it at any time you like. No need to wait for the start of the next month.

30 Days to a STRONGER Novel: $99 $10 off


ON DEMAND: Begin when it suits your schedule.

30 Days to a Stronger Novel Each day includes:

  • A quote that inspires
  • Short, practical instruction from Darcy on a specific topic
  • A simple “Walk the Talk” action to take

Over the course of the month, you’ll receive the entire text of Darcy’s book, 30 Days to a Stronger Novel.
We can’t guarantee that you’ll end the month with a publishable novel; but we can guarantee it will be a STRONGER novel.

Sign up now and receive 10% discount.


  • Watership Down with Armadillos: Titles
  • Search Me: Subtitles
  • Defeat Interruptions: Chapter Divisions
  • Scarlett or Pansy: The Right Character Name
  • My Wound is Geography: Stronger Settings
  • Horse Manure: Stronger Setting Details
  • Weaklings: Every Character Must Matter
  • Take Your Character’s Pulse
  • Yin-Yang: Connecting Emotional and Narrative Arcs
  • Owls and Foreigners: Unique Character Dialogue
  • Sneaky Shoes: Inner and Outer Character Qualities
  • Friends or Enemies: Consistent Character Relationships
  • Set Up the Ending: Begin at the Beginning
  • Bang, Bang! Ouch! Scene Cuts
  • Go Away! Take a Break
  • Power Abs for Novels
  • White Rocks Lead Me Home: Epiphanies
  • The Final Showdown
  • One Year Later: Tie up Loose Ends
  • Great Deeds: Find Your Theme
  • The Wide, Bright Lands: Theme Affects Setting
  • Raccoons, Owls, and Billy Goats: Theme Affects Characters
  • Side Trips: Choosing Subplots
  • Of Parties, Solos, and Friendships: Knitting Subplots Together
  • Feedback: Types of Critiquers
  • Feedback: What You Need from Readers
  • Stay the Course
  • Please Yourself First
  • The Best Job I Know to Do
  • Live. Read. Write.

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  5. HI Darcy: I already purchased the book, and hopefully it’ll help me through this closer-to-final-revision.

  6. Darcy Pattison

    Maya – Good luck! And be sure to send me your good news!

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