See our Draw a Bird Day Pinterest Board.
See our Draw a Bird Day Pinterest Board.

Tomorrow, April 8 is the annual Draw a Bird Day. Held in honor of Dorie Cooper, it’s a sad WWII story. Dorie tried to cheer up her uncle, a wounded soldier who had lost a leg in a land mine. She asked him to draw her a bird and the robin drawing hung in her room. Soon entire wards of wounded soldiers joined in drawing Dorie birds.

When she was killed in a car accident at the age of ten, her friends filled her coffin with bird drawings.

Draw a Bird day has simple guidelines:

  1. Draw a bird.
  2. Share it with someone you love.

Get started with Draw a Bird Day

If kids need a start, you can download the following “uncoloring” pages.

Download the pdf

Wildlife artist, Kitty Harvill is offering a series of black and white, printable creative coloring pages for students. As the artist for Wisdom, the Midway Albatross: Surviving the Japanese Tsunami and Other Disasters for over 60 Years, Harvill is well-versed in bird art. The three creative coloring pages include a set-up for students :

Draw a Bird Day Coloring Pages by Kitty Harvill

Download the pdf file.

  • Add a landscape for a soaring bird
  • Add a bird flying over a tsunami wave
  • Complete a drawing of a bird using a photo reference.
Draw A Bird Day coloring page by Kitty Harvill.

Download the pdf file.

Draw a Bird Day by Kitty Harvill

Download the pdf file.

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