November eBook of the Month: Great Novel

November eBook of the MONTH

Welcome to the Mims House eBook of the Month. We offer a free ebook each month to members. This month, we’re featuring a timely fake news story, perfect for discussion during election season.

LIBERTY: A Rousing Fantasy for the Middle Graders with Heart

They had a simple dream – to sail the Seven Seas.


They were just pigs, after all. But Penelope and Santiago are determined to sail.

They make a friend – Cricket, the mysterious map maker, who hoards certain maps.

And find an enemy – the Ice King, Captain Kingsley, who seeks certain maps.

A massive polar bear, he rules an empire built on ice.
The tall ships, the fastest sailing vessels ever known,
deliver New England ice to far flung places like Bombay, India.

Come along for the adventure when the ice fleet sails.

Feel the wind singing through the mainsails as Penelope and Santiago join the crew of the flagship–

–and come face to face with the Ice King’s shocking secrets.

From the fascinating world of tall ships comes this unlikely tale of humble pigs who follow their dream. Come and join the Talberts on their journey.

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