Essay Books Delayed by Twins

Let us back up a couple years. In November 2014, we released two essay books: I Want a Dog: My Opinion Essay and I Want a Cat: My Opinion Essay. By May, 2015, we added My Crazy Dog: My Narrative Essay.

We fully intended to follow that with an informative or expository essay book within six months or so.

Enter the twins. The illustrator, Ewa O’Neill was pregnant with twin boys. As you might imagine, her life became extremely busy, so we waited. She kindly gave us permission to find a different illustrator for the book. But we felt strongly that a series needed a cohesive group of illustrations. We waited.

But this year, with the boys almost three years old and her family living in a new area, she returned to the series and delivered art.

We are thrilled that the art is just as fabulous as the first books, and thrilled to be able to complete this series of language arts picture books, The Read and Write series. These are some of our most popular books.

Because we want these books used in classrooms to help teach writing, we make available a full set of printables. We’ve just updated them with printables for My Dirty Dog. It’s a free download when you sign up for our newsletter.

The Read and Write Series - Mims House