Essays printables are available to make your life easy! Every school child and teacher must deal with the written word. Fortunately, we’ve got some books to help you teach writing to elementary students.

Read and Write Series – Essays Made Easy

Covers of the Read and Write series by Darcy Pattison |
Printable worksheets are available to turn these books into a lesson.

Narrative, opinion and informative essays are covered in these simple, fun books about cousins Dennis and Mellie.

Book 1: I Want a Dog. Opinion essays are among the hardest writing assignments to teach. In this story, Dennis and Mellie discuss the best dog for each family. What’s important is the criteria each develops based on their individual family situations.

After deciding on criteria, it’s easy to sort through the dog breeds to find the right dog for them. The book refers to’s interactive Dog Breed Selector tool as a simple way to narrow down choices.

In the companion book, Book 2: I Want a Cat, the cousins discuss the best cat for each family. has a comparable Cat Breed Selector tool.

Together the I Want a Cat and I Want a Dog books satisfy the Common Core requirement of comparing similar texts.

Book 3: My Crazy Dog takes up the problem of narrative essays. Good essays include sensory details: what you see, hear, taste, touch (temperature & texture), and smell. In the mentor text essay, these details are color coded to help kids notice when they are used.

Book 4: My Dirty Dog provides two different informative essays as a mentor text. The first is a “how-to” give a dog a bath, to meet the early elementary requirement of writing a “how-to” essay. The second is a more traditional informative essay for the older elementary grades.

Essay Printables – Lesson Plans

Printables for Read and Write Series | Mims House
Printables for opinion, narrative, and informative essays.

To make it easy to use these books in the classroom, we provide essay printables. These are step-by-step lesson plans for kids to use as they write their own essays. The mentor texts are fun and engaging. The 22-page printables make it simple.

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