Why is Friday, the 13th so creepy? And why do kids LOVE creepy so much?

I think it’s partly tied to the reasons we read anything. We read to experience the world from someone else’s perspective. That other point-of-view may be someone helpless in the face of unspeakable dangers and evils. But here’s the thing: within the pages of a book, we’re safe.

Yes, great writing can evoke great emotions. Yes, kids weep when Charlotte dies in Charlotte’s Web. But it wasn’t a real person who died, so it’s a safe emotion. Yes, kids tremble when Gollum slinks across the pages of The Hobbit. But it’s a safe tremor of fear.

So, we offer today a story that’s has a touch of creepiness. Still, somehow, it manages to pull off not one, but two miracles.

The Girl, the Gypsy, and the Gargoyle
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“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

But what if an unscrupulous sculptor could trap someone inside a block of stone, just so he could carve them? Can miracles come from tragedy? Threatened with the loss of the only home she’s known, Laurel listens to a proposal from Master Gimpel, a deformed stone carver. He intrigues Laurel and Jassy, her gypsy friend, when he offers a path to untold riches. Master Gimpel explains that his Troll’s Eye, a red jewel, is a doorway into the stone world where a treasure cave awaits. From the moment Laurel looks through the Troll’s Eye, she and her gypsy companion enter a dangerous race for their lives.

This is a rich, surprising and sometimes disturbing tale of gargoyles and those who carve the creatures from solid stone. There’s plenty of darkness in this cautionary tale that nevertheless pulls off not one, but two miracles—and in a surprising twist, brings Laurel home to stay.

Follow Laurel’s harrowing journey toward miracles.

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AudioBook Sample

Listen to narrator Paula Bodin’s lovely voice.



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