A Heartland Tale – Free Short Story

Middle grade fantasy novels, THE WAYFINDER and THE FALCONER are set in the Heartland. It’s a fair land bordered on the west by the Great Rift, a huge canyon that is almost impossible to cross.

When a plague strikes the Heartland, Winchal Eldras, an apprentice Wayfinder, must cross the Great Rift in search of healing waters. Accompanying him is Lady Kala, a noble and fierce Tazi, the telepathic dogs of royalty.

Years later, his granddaughter, Brittney Eldras strides out of the north and into legend with her gyrfalcon, Tatty Mog. The Zendi, a fierce warrior people who worship anything albino, have conquered the Heartland. But legend says a girl, a falcon and a bell will save the land.

In between these stories is the short story, Sage & King. An albino Zendi girl and the Heartland’s puppet king both flee to the mountains in search of answers. Instead, they find each other. This short story is a free download when you join our reader’s group. Sign up above.

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