Of Parades and Horses: Writing about Poop for Kids

Book 2: Kell and the Horse Apple Parade | MimsHouse.comWhen I was working on Book 2 of The Aliens, Inc. series, I had to research horse poop.

OK. Don’t stop reading because this isn’t just about potty humor. But it partly is, because Everyone Poops. And because, kids love this stuff. And because you can’t make up stuff like this. And because you’re going to want to know about horse diapers. Maybe.

When Horses Parade

A hundred years ago, before the motor car became king, horses were the most efficient form of transportation. They pulled carriages around town, to and from stores and back and forth from work. And everywhere they went, street sweepers followed.

Cities of that time were equipped to deal with the problem of horse poop. But today, the problem mainly arises when there’s a parade. Book 1, Kell, the Alien established the idea that the lovable aliens from the planet Bix would plan and execute events to make a living. They created the Aliens, Inc.

Next question: what’s the next event?

I didn’t want to do a straight birthday party next, because I wanted to leave room for more options. So, I started to research parades. Which led me to horses, which led me to dirty streets. But back to parades for a moment. The word “parade” comes from Old French and means “to stop.” A parade is a time when people stop and pay attention to something for a time. I paid attention to the dirty streets. When you read this with kids, ask them to think about cities from 100 years ago, and how they might have dealt with the problem of dirty streets from all the horses.

Rose Parade clean-up

Got a parade? Then you’ve got clean-up problems. Here’s a photo of the horse-poop clean up crew after the Rose Parade.

Besides a broom and dustpan, though, there’s actually a more clever idea for dealing with horse poop during a parade. Diapers for horses.
Well, not exactly, a diaper. They call it a Bun Bag. It catches horse apples in action.

Kell and the Horse Apple Parade, Book 2, The Aliens, Inc. series | MimsHouse.com

This shows a bun bag in action on a horse. And the next photo is a diagram explaining how it works.
Kell and the Horse Apple Parade, Book 2, The Aliens, Inc. Series | MimsHouse.com

Now that we have that cleaned up. . .

A Horse Parade in the Alien’s Inc story

When I write, especially if it’s fiction for kids, I do a lot of research. When you find such fascinating info as horse apples and horse diapers, you have to use it in a story! In this science fiction story for kids, I incorporated the information on dealing with horses in a parade in unique ways. Instead of burying the topic, I used it to create humor in the story. The potty humor isn’t big; it just combines with the rules, regulations, and bureaucracy of a small town government. Unless the parade committee can guarantee that they’ll leave clean streets, they can’t get the permits needed.


Aliens Inc. Series | MimsHouse.com
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Book 2, Kell and the Horse Apple Parade has been a great addition to this series because it gives some variety to the type of events. The other books all feature a special birthday party, such as giants or detectives.

The takeaway? When you BUY Kell and the Horse Apple Parade, plan to spend time talking with kids about keeping historical cities clean!

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