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Kell, the Alien: Book 1, The Aliens, Inc. Series
“Amusing, accessible, engaging” – Publisher’s Weekly

For June’s eBook of the Month, we are featuring KELL, THE ALIEN (Lexile: 530L) . When their spaceship crash lands on Earth, those lovable aliens from planet Bix must find a place to live, figure out how to make a living, and try to fit in with Earth’s culture.

Kell finds a best friend in his next-door neighbor, Bree, who inspires the aliens to create Aliens, Inc., a party planning business. They throw an alien party for Bree’s birthday. But what do aliens know about what Earthlings think aliens are like? It’s a mixed up mess complete with a rousing food fight.

It would be SO easy, if not for the Alien Chaser’s Society, led by the school’s principal, Mrs. Lynx. She’s convinced that there’s an alien in 3rd grade and she’s going to find it.

Publisher’s Weekly called this book “amusing” and “engaging and accessible.”

School Library Journal Review: “This fun chapter book series is out of this world.”

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