Read in Honor Military Families

Books that HONOR our military families and the sacrifices they make. It's hard for the kids when Daddy or Mom are posted overseas. Share these stories and encourage empathy for their sacrifices. #ThankYouForYourService #patriotic

This 4th of July is the right time to honor the sacrifices made by military families. When parents are assigned overseas or even just a remote place state-side, it’s hard for families. There are several children’s books that address the family dynamics of a military family.

While military children need these books, they are also important for all children to read and think about. The American way of life is supported by our military. Kids need to understand the sacrifices that make their own freedoms possible.

In honor of 4th of July and our military families, Mims House offers free an ebook of 11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph. (When you check out, use this coupon code: THANKS) In this poignant story, a child decides that while Daddy is gone for a year, it’s NOT a family photo album. She ruins every family photo until her father returns from his tour of duty.

11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph: A Military Family Story |

Download FREE, 11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph.

Use this coupon code when you check out: THANKS

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