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Dateline: August 7, 1937

Headline: A SEA MONSTER: Bill Manville Says He Saw One Off Nantucket. Insists He Was Not Dreaming. Hopes It Appears Again To Verify His Story.

Thus begins the fascinating story that dominate the news on the uncommonly warm August 1937. The newspaper article started an incredible story that spread from “Cape Cod to California.”

Fake News

Of course, it was fake news. And the newspapermen knew it. They just didn’t think that there was any harm in it because 1) no one was hurt, and 2) no one tried to make money from the event.

Are those the criteria that we’d use to determine if a fake news event was right or wrong? Imagine if we used those criteria today. . .

About the Sea Monster

Reports of the time were scary. Here are some historical photos of the event.

Sea monster footprints on Nantucket Island |
Measuring the sea monster footprints on the beach. The photos were sent to scientists in Boston who confirmed that they were made by unknown creatures.

This shows the sea monster in the water. |
This shows the sea monster in the water. |

Fake Sea-Monster

Of course, the sea monster wasn’t real. Then what’s in this picture? No more hints! No more guessing!
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