Opening lines are often difficult for writers. They spend time rewriting that first sentence endlessly in hopes of grabbing a reader. Readers just browsing in a bookstore or online will often turn to the first line of a book to decide if they’ll read further.

Here are the first lines of Mims House books. Which book(s) would you like to read more about?

“When Laurel disappeared, her father and the villagers and the priest of the Cathedral of St. Stephens searched and lit candles in prayer and pleaded with the heavens for news of her, but they never thought to look up.” Read more.

“I bent over the giant state of Texas.” Read more.

“Ba-boom, Ba-boom, Ba-boom.” Read more.

“‘Kell, did you know that my birthday party is next month?'” Bree Hendricks said to me. Read more.

“My hands dripped with blue paint.” Read more.

“Above the armadillo’s den, the western sky was ablaze with red, coral, and dark purple, while the eastern sky was just dark enough for stars to begin twinkling.” Read more.

“Saucy Dillard loved gingerbread days.” Read more.

“‘Kell, we need to plan the Friends of Police parade,’ Mary Lee Glendale said.” Read more.

When I read these OPENING LINES, I want to read several of these children's novels! Which would you like to read?|

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