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Teachers, we have free printables to accompany many of our book titles. We are always happy to create a printable for a special project, Just let Sue know what you need.

The Aliens, Inc. Series

These short chapter books are perfect for the 1-4th grade who is moving up to independent reading. You’ll find a variety of activities for individual books and for the series.
The Aliens, Inc. Series is great summer reading for kids going into 3rd-5th grades. |

The Aliens, Inc. – Teacher’s Guide

Wisdom, the Midway Albatross

Wisdom, the Midway Albatross | Surviving plastic pollution and other disasters for over 65 years. | Mims House
Starred Review in Publisher’s Weekly. Click to learn more.

To accompany, Wisdom, the Midway Alabatross, illustrator Kitty Harvill. Kitty has prepared coloring pages with partial drawings for the child to complete.
Complete The Albatross. Printables for Wisdom, the Midway Albatross |
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The Read and Write Series: Printables for Opinion Essays and Narrative Essays

These printables for I Want a Dog and I Want a Cat include worksheets for prewriting and writing an opinion essay.

Opinion Essay Printables |
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My Crazy Dog focuses on narrative essays. The printables include all you need for prewriting and writing a narrative essay.

My Crazy Dog: My Narrative Essay Printables | Mims House
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ENVOYS - Prequel

The Blue Planets Series

Earth finally hears from space:

"You only live on land.

Allow us to live in the seas."


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