Read Along Picture Books: Triangle Media and Overdrive

We are excited to be teaming up with Triangle Media to create read-along versions of selected picture books. These ebooks are ePub3 standards, for which Overdrive has recently added the capability.

The books are the regular ebooks, but they are enhanced by added audio that is synced to the text. When a word is read, the word is highlighted. The technology to create this type of ebook has been around a while, but not all ebook readers were capable of correctly rendering the ebook. Until now. Overdrive now makes this available across its network. The enhanced ebooks are on sale at a 25% discount till January 31.

Read the Samples Read Along Picture Books – 25% Discount Ends on January 31

The enhanced ebooks are currently available from Overdrive who has provided samples.
Please click on the book cover below to read the sample:

11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph | Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma |
This is my favorite. If you try only one, try this one!
Burn: Michael Faraday's Candle |
Rowdy: The Pirate Who Could Not Sleep | Mims House Wisdom, the Midway Albatross |

We are very excited that ePub3 has finally come to Overdrive because it’s a great way for kids to read picture books. After you read a sample, let us know what you think!

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