Read an eBook Day – Check it Out

Tomorrow, September 18, is National Read an eBook Day.

Are you an ebook fan? Some people love to read ebooks when they travel. Others love ebooks because you can increase or decrease the font size to your needs. I know some people who bounce from paper to ebooks with ease. And of course, many people are loyal to print books. I understand all those attitudes! Which probably makes me one of the bouncers.

National Read an eBook Day asks you to try an ebook because. . .

. . . it’s a celebration of modern storytelling.

Does it cost to join in? No.
Your local library likely has ebooks for checkout. This is a great day to look at your library’s website to figure out how to check out an ebook. What system do they use, what info do you need, what ebook readers do they recommend, and so on.

Request from Your Local Library

Most of Mims House books are available on Overdrive. Here are a selection of our books linked to the Overdrive site. From there, you can see if the book is available in your local library. If it isn’t, please request it! Most libraries listen to their patrons and will buy books you ask for.

Read an eBook Day with Sleepers by Darcy Pattison |
SLEEPERS on an ereader. If your library doesn’t have it, please request that they buy it!

Read an eBook Day with Longing for Normal
Can Eliot save his family with a simple bread recipe? Longing for Normal is “a rare book” says Booklist.

Read an eBook Day with Wisdom, the Midway Albatross by Darcy Pattison |
The story of the oldest bird in the world and how she survived the Japanese Tsunami.
Read an eBook Day with I Want a Dog: My Opinion Essay by Darcy Pattison |
Book 1 of The Read and Write Series. All writing lessons should be this much fun!

Take an ebook for a whirl! Of course, we offer ebooks for sale here on the Mims House website in both ePub and Kindle versions. But it you want a no-cost experience, check out your local library.

See other Mims House books available from Overdrive (request them from your library!)