Summer reading 2016 days are upon us! We’d like to suggest two fantasy novels for your kids to read.

Los Armadillos Invade the Ozarks – Refreshing Summer Reading 2016

Armadillos! I love the way these small creatures come alive in this fantasy story for kids. Los armadillos have their own history, hopes and dreams. Great summer reading 2016! |
Galen, the nine-banded armadillo, must accept the Tex, the ambitious outsider, as leader of the search for the fabled Faralone Falls, a place they can finally call home. But on the frontier, survival is the only thing that matters. Not pride.

In the tradition of Warriors , Seekers, or The Guardins of Ga-Hoole comes the American fantasy, VAGABONDS, the sweeping saga of El Garro’s armadillo colony, the scouts and pioneers who have always been at the forefront of the migration. Rumors from their original homeland, the jungles far to the south, suggest that El Garro’s colony may be nearing the fabled Faralone Falls, where they will find the answer to why they have traveled northward for decades. This epic story is a poignant metaphor of the immigrants search for a better place for their families.

Follow Galen as he grows into a leader among his people, one worthy of being remembered in ballads.



All formats are also available on Follett, Mackin, Permabound, and Ingram

Deliciously Creepy, but With Two Miracles at the End

Deliciously Creepy - Give your summer reading 2016 a chill. | MiimsHouse.comEvery once in a while, there’s a quote that stays with you and makes you feel sort of creepy. That’s the case with this famous quote from Michelangelo.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” –Michelangelo

Of course, the question is what’s inside the stone? Just a statue? How did it get there? Who put it there?

This middle grade fantasy answers the question with a slightly scary answer. Need just a tiny chill for your summer reading?

Summer Reading 2016 Brings Miracles – at a High Price

What if an unscrupulous sculptor could trap someone inside a block of stone, just so he could carve them? And can miracles come from tragedy?

Threatened with the loss of the only home she’s known, Laurel listens to a proposal from Master Gimpel, a deformed stone carver. He intrigues Laurel when he offers a path to untold riches. Master Gimpel explains that his Troll’s Eye, a red jewel, is a doorway into the stone world where a treasure cave awaits. From the moment Laurel looks through the Troll’s Eye, she and her gypsy companion enter a dangerous race for their lives.

This is a rich, surprising, and sometimes disturbing tale of gargoyles, and those who carve the creatures from solid stone. There’s darkness in this cautionary tale, that nevertheless pulls off not one, but two miracles, and brings Laurel home to stay.

Follow Laurel’s harrowing journey toward miracles.




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