Happy Summer Reading

Summer reading! It’s time for beaches, mountains, grandmas, and, yes, reading! Whatever fun you’ve got cooked up for the kids this summer, you’ll want to have along some great books. Books on tape will keep them quiet and occupied during those long car rides, entertaining them with stories, keeping their minds occupied, and their hands away from their neighbor.

We’ve got a summer reading guide for you! It includes audiobooks stories of amazing animals and novels that will keep your teens fascinated. Let’s start with audiobooks.

Listen to the audiobooks!

Summer reading! Covers of easy readers for grades 1-4 summer reading
Available as audio books, ebooks, paperbacks and hardcovers.

Josiah Bildner is an amazing audiobook narrator who took on the task of narrating the aliens Inc. series. These books are our great for third graders to read; however, they are great audiobooks for anywhere from four years old to 10 years old.


Kell and the Alien

Kell and the Horse Apple Parade

Kell and the Giants

Kell and the Detectives

Or, if you prefer adding the books to your ebook reader–it’s a slam dunk to hand a kid a reader and watch them be engrossed for hours–try this box set! Buy the three-book set now at a discounted price of only $4.99.
Summer reading! The Aliens, Inc. Box Set by Darcy Pattison | MimsHouse.com


Our animal biography series is unique because each book features an individual animal and its life. Bird, spider, mammal–these animals are fascinating for the elementary crowd. CLICK EACH COVER FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Summer reading! Wisdom, the Midway Albatross | MimsHouse.com Summer reading! Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma | MimsHouse.com Summer reading! Nefertitit, the Spidernaut | MimsHouse.com

Teen Science Fiction Novels

Summer reading for teens, especially boys! The Blue Planets World series | MimsHouse.com
For those older kids, especially middle grade boys, who are looking for a fascinating series, try THE BLUE PLANETS WORLD series, starting with Sleepers. NOW FREE AT AMAZON. (The entire series is free on Amazon till June 1)!

Through all your travels and adventures this summer, we hope you and your kids keep reading! Have fun!
Summer Reading for Kids & Teens 2018

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