Summer reading should be fun and humorous, light and entertaining! The Aliens, Inc. Series fits that description.

When I was looking for a great summer read for kids, I found this series. The Aliens, Inc. Series is great summer reading for kids going into 3rd-5th grades. I love series because it makes the choice of what to read next so easy. |

These are the stories of Kell, an alien from the planet of Bix, who is shipwrecked because his father’s drink spills onto the control panel of their spaceship. With technology’s help, they learn English and have to face the problem of making a living on Earth. Kell enters third grade and must avoid the principal, who is the President of the Alien Chaser’s Society.

In this fun early chapter series, the Smith family (you couldn't pronounce their alien name!) is shipwrecked on Earth. How can they make a living? |

Summer Reading to Keep 2nd-5th Graders Happy!

Author Darcy Pattison says, “This was a fun series to write because there were repeating elements, and yet each book had to stand alone.”

Each book starts in an art class. They draw, paint themselves into a corner, and create a “found art” bulletin board that Mrs. Crux calls The Accidental Art board. Nutrition, social studies, choir and nutrition teachers get their say also, as each book includes assignments from one of those classes.

To up the tension, the Principal, Mrs. Lynx is President of the Alien Chaser’s Society. She’s sure that someone in third grade is an alien, if she could just catch them. She employs a different technique in each book, coming close, closer and closer.
I love the drama added by the Alien Chaser's Society. In each book of The Aliens, Inc. Series, they get closer to capturing Kell and his family. |
Someone, it also worked out to have a song in each book. If you try the audiobooks, narrator Josiah Bildner does an amazing job of pulling off “The Star Spangled Banner.” The audiobooks are great listening in the car or on a child’s ipod.

With all that fun, we almost hesitate to add (Shhh!) that there are complete lesson plans (PDF download) for the series.

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