Welcome to Teen Read Week! October 18-24, 2017 is designated as the week to encourage teen readers to discover new books.

Unleash Your Story

Here’s the official information:

Teen Read Week™ is a national adolescent literacy initiative created by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). It began in 1998 and is held annually in October the same week as Columbus Day. Its purpose is to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users.

The 2017 event will be held Oct. 8 – 14th, featuring the theme ‘Unleash Your Story.” Library staff, afterschool providers, and educators are encouraged to leverage this theme to encourage teens to tell their own stories as well as find stories, biographies, autobiographies, folktales, and more in their local library. Join the conversation on Twitter with #TRW17.

Read an Unfamiliar Genre

Here at Mims House, we especially wanted to encourage teen readers to Unleash Your Story by reading in unfamiliar genres. Studies show that some time around middle school, readers settle into a genre that they will favor for most of their lives. It may be historical fiction, nonfiction science, reading the local newspaper, puzzling out mysteries, or reading fantasy and science fiction. Once the genre preference develops, it’s clear that people stick with that genre.

Teens still have a change thought to find new stories by sampling other genres. We encourage you to help students find new favorites in other genres. For example, if you have a mystery reader, here are lists of books that add mystery to another genre. (As always, monitor the list for appropriateness for your students!)

Science Fiction Series

Another way to encourage students to read other genres is to hook them on a series. Many trilogies or longer series have strong hook stories that grab a reader and compel them to read through the whole series.

Our new science fiction trilogy, THE BLUE PLANETS WORLD series, hooks the reader with an action-packed, exciting story of a teen who must save not one, but two worlds.

The Blue Planet Series by Darcy Pattison | MimsHouse.com

To read more on the series, start here. Or, to get started on the series, we offer the short story prequel free to subscribers:

Get Your FREE Short Story

ENVOYS - Prequel

The Blue Planets Series

Earth finally hears from space:

"You only live on land.

Allow us to live in the seas."


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What do you do for Teen Read Week to encourage students to read more?

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