Those crazy ALIENS are back

The Aliens, Inc. Box Set by Darcy Pattison | MimsHouse.comThe Aliens, Inc. series is a 3-book set of easy chapter books. Third grade, science fiction fun, humorous aliens, and a great BFF – what more could you want in a book that helps kids transform into great readers.

Book 1, Kell, the Alien introduces the crazy aliens from the planet Bix. Dad’s kovitch (a kind of space coffee) spilled on their spaceship’s control panel, they shipwrecked on Earth. How can Kell survive third grade? Only with the help of his BFF, Bree. How can the Smiths make a living? By starting Aliens, Inc., a party planning service. And how can they avoid the principal, Mrs. Lynx, and the Alien Chaser’s society? It’s a fun start to the series.

Book 2, Kell and the Horse Apple Parade. Aliens, Inc. is asked to coordinate the Friends of Police Parade. but it’s Kell’s first parade ever. How can they fill in the slots, plan the route, and keep everyone happy? Oh, and by the way, Mrs. Lynx has an Alien Chaser’s app for her smart phone.

Book 3, Kell and the Giants finds Kell and Bree planning a party for the tallest boy in town. Son of a pro basketball player, he wants giants at his party: BigFoot, Cyclops, and Paul Bunyan. It’s all complicated when Mom finds out she’s allergic to bee stings and by Mrs. Lynx’s bloodhound, who is trained to sniff out aliens.

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Now available in an easy 3-Book Box Set:
Over 90 b/w whimsical drawings in each book.

“The Aliens, Inc. Box Set” by Darcy Pattison on Ganxy

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