Middle grade sports novel, ROAD WHIZ, is just out.

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middle grade sports novel
Middle Grade Sports Novel

Why do you run? A Thoughtful Sports Novel

When middle grade students start seriously competing, their motivations are often mixed. Why do you compete? Because you love the sport? Or because you want to win? Or because you want to please someone, like a parent?

For Fans of Mike Lupica and Tim Green

Fourteen-year-old Jamie is growing too fast! Friends taunt him that his feet are so big the last time he stepped in a puddle, they called it the Mississippi River. As Jamie moves from 8th to 9th grade, Dad expects Jamie to join traditional sports, like football. Instead, Road Whiz, a retired greyhound racing dog, inspires Jamie to run. He starts training to run 5Ks.

Like the retired greyhound, Jamie struggles with the question of why should he run? Does he run to win, or does he run because he loves running? With Road Whiz as his mentor, Jamie faces the challenges in his life, from family changes to his own growing body.

This middle grade novel will mesmerize boys who struggle with the idea of competition. Jamie’s resolution of his doubts, fears and hopes about competing will inspire teens as they experience their own disturbing, if inevitable, growth.

For more information, see the catalog listing, including a recent librarian review. here.

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